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Topic :

To Study the Challenges Those That Are Faced by Family Carers of People with Dementia

Word Count : 12000
Pages : 48

When a family member suffers from some kind of disability or disease it leads to create dependency upon other members of the family for the basic day to day needs. The family member who attends the patient plays an important role in the provision of support both physically and morally. Such an attendee of the sick or disabled member of the family is known as carer (Lakeman, 2008). The involvement and affection level of the carer is very important in building motivational level of the sick person or the patient who heavily relies upon the carer for a number of tasks (ALRC, 2011). 

Topic :

How Cloud Computing Could be Implemented in DAIS

Word Count : 15250
Pages : 61

Information technology (IT) has considerably enhanced and improved the learning and teaching mechanism. Now, the traditional classroom methods of teaching are slowly becoming obsolete and are being replaced by e-learning or learning through the internet. In this system, the teachers and students interact usinginternet, for instance, in online lectures. Similarly, students are required to write and submit their assignment on online portals. In this context, this study aims to examine the relatively new technology of cloud computing within the Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS). 

Topic :

A Critical Review of the Coalition Government 2010-2015 Policy on Housing

Word Count : 17250
Pages : 69

The current study presents the critical review of the coalition government from 2010-2015 policy on housing for the elderly people in UK. The research is aimed to policy for elderly people in United Kingdom. The study aim will be met using the following specific objectives (1) To analyse the UK government policies and housing schemes for the elderly people living in UK (2) To evaluate the policies changes in the UK during the coalition government 2010-2015 (3 To compare the policy changes in the UK during the coalition government 2010-2015 against the policies of the labour government for elderly people.

Topic :

Differences in Food Intake and Knowledge Among Pregnant Women

Word Count : 10500
Pages : 42

The study was carried out for the verification of impact of region of residence of pregnant women on the knowledge and food intake in the context of Bulgaria. In addition to this, the research also provided a thorough plan under the title of key recommendations for researchers of future on the topic of knowledge and food intake of pregnant women. Moreover, as opposed to the primary aim of research, the researcher also measured some secondary objectives of research. In order to obtain information that is relevant to the topic, quantitative research design was chosen by the researcher, whereas secondary data collection has been chosen as the method of collecting the data.

Topic :

Climatic Change, Sustainability and Public Health – A Case Study Of Goa

Word Count : 4500
Pages : 18

The habitability of the planet earth is mainly due to the atmospheric gases that are trapped in the environment that trap a portion of the energy that emits from the sunlight. Such gases are called the greenhouse gases and their ability to absorb the heat from the sun makes them distinct and empirical for the earth to remain habitable. Without these gases the planet earth would be too cold to be habitable by any living organism. Scientists have now recognized that due to the human activities and progression of the human race, there has been an increase in the greenhouse gases which is destabilizing the natural climate(Kelkar&Bhadwal, 2007). This has been mainly triggered after the onset of the industrial revolution from the late 1700s and has been increasing ever since (CDIAC, 2016).

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